Handheld Glass Cutter
Handheld Glass Cutter
Handheld Glass Cutter
Handheld Glass Cutter
Handheld Glass Cutter

Handheld Glass Cutter

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Handheld carbide glass cutter with micro teeth glass cutting wheel is the newest and most advanced technology for glass cutting by hand


The handheld glass cutters are commonly used on different materials, can be used with common float glass, constructional engineering glass, glass doors and windows, and mirrors.


  • 👉  Clean Cut

Integrated with our high technical skills on carbide glass cutting wheel for micro-tooth, our glass cutter can smoothly score thick glasses with little chippings.

  • 👉  Quick & Easy

Significantly reducing scrap and rework rate to improve productivity while reducing production costs.

  • 👉  Durable

With specially made tungsten carbide material, our carbide glass cutter with micro-tooth has the advantages of good abrasive resistance, toughness and long service life; cuts on average of 100,000 meters of glass.

  • 👉  Ergonomic Cutting

Can be oiled without leakage and it helps breaking and longevity of your cutting blade.

  • 👉  Wide Applications

Unlike all other glass cutting tools, our cutter is not limited to just glass, it can cut mirrors, ceramics, glasses and so on!

  • Size: 155mm
  • Color: Random

  • 📦 1x Handheld Glass Cutter