Next Gen Polish Remover
Next Gen Polish Remover
Next Gen Polish Remover
Next Gen Polish Remover
Next Gen Polish Remover

Next Gen Polish Remover

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Remove Your Nail Polish, No Mesh & Payless!

Saving you time chipping away one by one and getting frustrated by how long it takes. Get yours today so you can have healthier nails. Making it easier for you to get off those stubborn nail polish in the comfort of your own home and not have to hire a professional to do it for you. You can just sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite show!



☑ Professional and harmless: This machine has rubber gaskets, so there is no strong acetone solution smell. After heating, you need to use nail clippers to quickly remove residual nail polish within 15-30 seconds.

🙂 Easy to Carry: Ergonomic design, simple, convenient, and easy to use. You just need to pour nail polish remover and insert hands into the nail steamer, no need for complicated operations, you can use it at home.

⌚ Time & Energy Saver: Saves you time from chipping away one by one. Can complete up to five fingernails at a time. Making it time-efficient and less frustrating cleaning your nails

👍 Completely Safe: Penetrates the gel deeply and gets all the gel off without even coming in contact with your nails. Which means you can clean off your nails without worrying about any skin damage.

💅 Better Nail Health: High enough temperature where removes all of the gel and nail polish without damaging your cuticles. Offering better protection and overall healthier nails.