Relieve Pain In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Relieve Pain In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

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If you’re tired of gulping down NSAIDs, this is for you!

Say goodbye to aches and start enjoying life again. Simply press the pen to the affected area and it will immediately reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I get tight neck muscles from sitting at a desk all day, so I ordered this to try. Immediately the tension in my neck was gone. GONE. It is truly a lifesaver" - Chris

RELIEVE PAIN- The pulsing electrical current will penetrate stiff or frozen muscles, releasing the tension and promoting proper posture and biomechanics.

RELIEVE STRESS- PulseRelief will Stimulate the production of endorphins in the body which acts as a natural pain reliever, improves your mood, and increases your happiness.

INCREASE ENERGY- Increased local blood flow will naturally boost the amount of oxygen in your muscles, which in return increases your energy level.

NO SIDE EFFECTS- PulseRelief has no side effects, unlike medicated painkillers and other drugs used to treat chronic pain.

✅ Portable: Easily fits in your pocket, bag or pouch. Use it while traveling, at home, or in the office to rejuvenate stiff muscles from sitting for too long.

✅ Easy to use: Only needs One AA Battery to function. It has a digital display that shows the strength of the electrical pulse output (0 - weakest and 9 - strongest).

✅ Versatile: Use it on virtually any area of your body. Common treatment spots include the shoulders, back, neck, knees, arms, and hands.

Your Purchase Includes:

1x PulseRelief - Pain Relief Device
1x Advanced User Manual 
1x Dome Massage Head
1x Node Massage Head 
2x Water Based Contact Gels