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Smart Cutter
Smart Cutter
Smart Cutter
Smart Cutter
Smart Cutter
Smart Cutter
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Smart Cutter

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Smart Cutter

Smart Cutter doubles up as a knife and cutting board in one, chopping and slicing food in mere seconds. Super safe without making a mess, it’s great for cutting, slicing and chopping veggies, fruits, and many more! Want to add in extra ingredients into your food? You don't have to go through the hassle of whipping out a knife and cutting board to chop them up. Smart Cutter replaces your cutting board and knife all in one, so you can slice up your food directly over your salads, soups, hotpots, or anything you like!

It has 7 different functions for you - Cutting scissors, cutting board, bottle cap opener, bone cutter, peeler, fish scaler, and it even has a detachable knife with high quality stainless steel blades. Never experience kitchen mishaps or cuts again with Smart Cutter. It has a locking feature for safe storage, so you can rest assured and use it with ease!

Not only that, but Smart Cutter has a spring loaded soft grip handle with an ergonomic design that allows for a comfortable, non-slip grip making preparing for meals more effortless than ever! Cleaning and washing is also a breeze, and the Smart Cutter is even dishwasher safe. It’s convenient, versatile and super multi-functional - a definite must-have for your kitchen!

To engage safety lock

Squeeze the handle and push the safety lock button up to store the Smart Cutter in a closed position.  

To detach the knife

Grip the handles at the same time and pull them away from each other, they will snap apart. You can then pull the piece with the knife out of the spring and use it as a knife, peeler, fish scale remover. To put it back together put the knife side through the slot of the other half. Make sure to fit the small cylinder piece that sticks out on the knife side into the spring on the other side. Push the two handles together and it should snap back together. 


Wash it by hand or in the dishwasher. Allow the product to air dry before storage. Ensure that the safety lock is engaged when washing or storing. 

  • 7 in 1 knife and cutting board
  • Cutting scissors, cutting board, cutter knife, bottle cap opener, bone cutter, peeler, fish scaler 
  • Slice food super quickly and safely
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Chop up veggies, fruits, cheese, and many more


  • Blades: Stainless Steel 
  • Cutting Board: PP Material
  • Handle: Food grade ABS soft grade silicon
  • Weight: 207grams 


  • Whole Cutter: 24.5 cm 
  • Handle: 9.5cm 

Set Includes

  • 1 x Smart Cutter 
  • 1 x User Manual