UV Lamp -  100% Natural Home Disinfection Device
UV Lamp -  100% Natural Home Disinfection Device
UV Lamp -  100% Natural Home Disinfection Device
UV Lamp -  100% Natural Home Disinfection Device
UV Lamp -  100% Natural Home Disinfection Device

UV Lamp - 100% Natural Home Disinfection Device

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“I decided to give the Uvlizer a try, and… IT’S AMAZING! Try the Uvlizer I’m serious”

Whether you need to create a safe zone out of your immediate environment (your home or even your office) or want to protect a parent, a grandparent, or a loved one who’s worried about the health risks we’re prone to nowadays, Uvlizer is your fast ticket to a disinfected heaven.

  • It’s Super-Quick!
    With Uvlizer, all you’ll need is 15 minutes to disinfect a whole room! No more worries about viruses, bacteria, germs, or fungus any longer!
  • Dual-Action™ 360° Technology To Ensure Complete Disinfection
    Uvlizer is the only device using our proprietary Dual-Action™ 360° technology that works its magic with only two elements existing in nature: light and air.
  • Joining The Power Of Light And Air
    Simple. Uvlizer uses an ultraviolet wavelength called UV-C (the sun is the most significant source of UV-C) combined with the power of Ozone that has been proven to literally shred the DNA of those nasty microbes.
  • Your safety first!

Together, Ozone and UV-C will ensure you finally get to feel in control of the safety of your home or get to see the people you love free from their worries by helping them stay hale and hearty in a world overfilled with health risks.

  • The Perfect Gift For Your Elderly Family Member!
    Just imagine the look on their faces when they receive such a gift from you, knowing that you thought about their most pressing fear and offered them protection and care with their new Uvlizer present!
  • It’s Been Used In Hospitals And Airlines… For Decades!

This technology has actually been used in hospitals and airlines for decades to guarantee thorough disinfection of operation rooms, planes, and airports. And now it’s finally released to the general public to help everyone get maximum protection in such uncertain times.

Fighting pathogens is now everyone’s battle, so we all have to unify our forces into a general wave of solidarity and responsibility!

  • Cleaning won’t get rid of germs, disinfecting will!

Let’s be responsible and choose a 100% natural, chemical-free solution to protect both your family and yourself. Since, you see, traditional cleaning methods might get rid of dust or some apparent dirt, but they won’t clear the house from the real threat, the invisible microorganisms nesting on every surface where you’d put your groceries, ever doorknob that your children had touched, and every piece of furniture or households you used to welcome your guests…

You may not see the viruses, bacteria, germs, and microbes, but that doesn’t mean they’re not there, compromising your health and putting your safety at risk!

So cleaning is not the solution to lead this battle! Sanitizing is.

  • It Doesn’t Involve Any Of The Health-Risks Of Household Cleaners

Let’s not even talk about all the health problems that these household cleaners can cause as they’re loaded with chemicals and dozens of harmful substances from endocrine disruptors and carcinogens to respiratory system irritants which have been proven to cause allergies, asthma, and even pneumonia.

So, it’s your choice to make, do you want to keep on living with these toxic products at home or do you prefer to favor your well-being and a quality-air-environment?

If we had to guess, we would say you’re not the irresponsible type…

  • It Has 3 Cycle Types To Match Your Needs!

And for an extra layer of protection, Uvlizer provides 3 types of cycles to fit everyone’s needs. A 60 minutes cycle, a 30 minutes cycle, or a 15 minutes one. It all depends on how big the room is.

  • It Has An Internal Timing Feature And Auto-OFF Function

What’s also great about Uvlizer, is that it’s not only easy to manipulate, but it’s also 100% independent. You could even press the button or use the remote to turn it on, then you leave the room, and let Uvlizer do its magic! It has an internal self-timer. So once the optimal time elapses, it automatically shuts off.

  • It goes beyond disinfecting the surfaces: it sanitizes the air!

Bacterial organisms are virtually everywhere, from your home to your workplace and even in the air you inhale. Bacteria not only coexists with us constantly but could also affect our home's air quality. With the technology used by Uvlizer, bacteria will be eliminated and you’ll be left with a completely neutralized room! Besides, bad odors are due to bacterial build-ups, so by getting rid of those, you’ll be left with quality-air that smells fresh and clean!